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As both a fine art painter and a digital artist, Sara Morton combines her design talents with her computer skills to create unique images.


In creating her digital designs, Morton employs the same skills she uses when making a painting or drawing. Using scanned photographs and hand drawn sketches, she builds digital collages by creatively combining elements then modifying colors, contours and shadows to get the composition that fulfills her vision. Through the use of a digital pen and tablet, the collage is then translated into hundreds of hand drawn shapes and countless layers. Each of the shapes can be carefully adjusted to the color, shade and transparency of choice. Says Morton, “On the computer, the drawing process is revolutionary and magic compared to traditional pencil and paper. The process of forming digital drawing lines is more like shaping a flexible wire. It is a virtual stained glass window that can be pulled, stretched, diffused, reshaped and re-colored. Although more time consuming than traditional drawing or painting, this method allows changes to be made cleanly, spontaneously and readily without having to start over.”


Morton also works in reverse - using collages she creates on the computer as sketches for hand painted acrylic paintings.


Sara Morton also combines her Fine Art & Digital Art making skills to design in a new art medium - robotic vitreous glass tile mosaics.  Morton was commissioned to create the design for “Coastal Sails” for Children’s Hospital Boston. She transformed her digital design using (Boston-based) Artaic’s Tessera software to create the imagery, which was then fabricated by Artaic’s robotic assembly system.  Morton hopes to explore this new medium further and create a series of Artaic mosaics.


Morton has designed several cityscapes and panoramic views for various locations at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Morton was also commissioned to design a Boston Red Sox Themed Cancer Treatment Room for Children’s Hospital Boston. She created customized artwork to fit the walls, cabinets, doors and floors of the room.  Sara approached the project from a child’s point of view, using simple flat perspective, whimsical shapes and bold color. “The Red Sox players appear somewhat like action figures or super-heroes. I wanted to depict the strength and energy that the Red Sox bring to the game. In this way, the children can aspire to that same strength while enduring treatment” she says.


Morton has twenty years of experience making large format giclée prints for Morton Arts, Art Galleries, Art Consultants, Individual Artists and Framers.


Morton is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She received a BFA in Illustration and Communication Design, earning Academic Distinction and Departmental Honors.

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