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Kaleidoscope Art

Fine Art Kaleidoscope Collage by Sara Morton made from Digital Collage.  The Kaleidoscope collages are a meditative fusion of colorful flowers, plants, animals, seashells, marine life, fruits and vegetables  in a semi-symmetrical weightless space. These kaleidoscopes are comparable to mandalas.  Features a series of twenty one Kaleidoscopes. “Aquariscopes” of Fancy Goldfish with Lotus Flowers, Orchids, Hoyas, Hibiscus, Lily Pads and other Exotic Foliage. “Seascopes” : Kaleidoscopic Collages of Sea Horses, Starfish, Sand Dollars, Seashells, Jellyfish, Sea Stars and Fish. “Florascope, Faunascope and Aviscope”: Kaleidoscopic Collages of Exotic Flowers, Plants, Tropical Birds, Parrots, Wild Exotic Animals, Butterflies and Dragonflies.  Also features an award-winning digital collage portrait of a transfigured Jesus Christ.

These Works have a universal appeal with children of all ages.

These Kaleidoscope collages are featured at Umass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, MA. These scopes are also included in the Children's Hospital Boston Art Collection. Children's Hospital Boston's Creative  Arts Program features colorful, engaging works of art to welcome and direct visitors and fill the hospital with visual delight. In clinical settings, artwork is used by staff to help distract and relax patients so that procedures go more smoothly.


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