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Aquatic and Landscape Mosaics

Fine Art Mosaic Designs Made with Artaic Tessera Software.  Aquatic Themed Mosaics featuring Seashells, Starfish, Koi Fish and Seahorses.  Landscape Mosaics inspired by Autumn Trees & Fall Foliage in the Woods of Massachusetts. On Demand Mosaic Designs - Ready to be made into a Mosaic of Vitreous Glass Tiles by Artaic’s robotic assembly system.

These were created using new digital techniques that I developed. Special graphic preparation of the artwork was necessary to yield a good result from Artaic's software. The Tessera software has authority in the design process regarding what works and what doesn’t.  Certain images it loves, others it declines. Each time a new design is introduced to the software, it is like having an audition.   This is helpful though, requiring a special discipline. Something new and different has emerged from this method.  Also, these smaller mosaic works are a challenge as there are less tiles to define the figure or form.  Some of these mosaics can be scaled smaller, however the image changes as scale changes. Using less tiles yields a looser or softer look. A preview example image can be provided upon request.


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