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Installed Art Works

Original Installed Art designed by Sara Morton. Includes artwork commissioned for Children’s Hospital Boston.  Robotic Mosaic of Vitreous Glass Tiles titled "Coastal Sails" fabricated by Artaic Innovative Mosaic's robotic assembly system. "Coastal Sails" is a New England themed view of a seaside cove with high cliffs similar to the Gayhead Cliffs in Martha's Vineyard. This mosaic features a distant view of the beach with tiny umbrellas, chairs and beach towels, a lighthouse, hot air balloon, colorful sailboats, and kayakers.

 "Interchange" - Robotic Mosaic Design of Vitreous Glass Tiles for MassChallenge at the Boston Design   Center & Innovation District (Seaport District in Boston, MA USA) Designed with Artaic Tessera.

Artist Sara Morton was commissioned to design a Boston Red Sox Themed Cancer Treatment Room for Children’s Hospital Boston.

The mural depicts a graphic interpretation of Fenway Park, The Green Monster Wall and the Boston Red Sox Dugout. The three Boston Red Sox team mascots Wally the Green Monster and Lefty & Righty are also featured as well. The fans featured in this depiction of Fenway Park are portraits of happy kids wearing Red Sox T-shirts and hats and holding baseballs, bats, gloves and flags to cheer on the Red Sox and the patients in the treatment Room.

Sara Morton approached the Boston Red Sox treatment room project from a child’s point of view, using simple flat perspective, whimsical shapes and bold color. “The Red Sox players appear somewhat like action figures or super-heroes. I wanted to depict the strength and energy that the Red Sox bring to the game. In this way, the children can aspire to that same strength while enduring treatment” she says.


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