Original Digigraphs by Artist Sara Morton created with a technique that combines digital collage with digital painting. Featured is a series of serene Japanese tea Gardens and arched bridges over tranquil Koi Fish Ponds blooming with lily pads, lotuses, water lilies, and flowering bonsai plants.  Also featured - Sun Turtles basking on a soothing island of stones with a nearby waterfall; digital collage of hummingbirds, orchids, hibiscus, butterflies, lantanas; digital collage combining painted, printed and fabric elements, to illustrate concepts & history within Virginia Woolf's novel "Orlando"; An award-winning digital collage portrait of a transfigured Jesus Christ.

What is a Digigraph or Digigraphy?

There currently is no distinct name for digitally based Fine Art or Art made through the use of digital tools and software on a computer. Digigraphy or "Digigraphie" is one term referenced more frequently in Europe to define high quality digitally based fine art prints created with an Epson printer and Giclée Printmaking.

My Digigraph technique begins with making a collage of digital photographs and scanned objects, through the use of tools such as a digital pen and tablet and image editing software. Once satisfied with placement and composition of these images the colors are transformed into a deliberately dynamic palette. The contours shadows and texture are also changed to suit the overall composition; making some images come forward and others recede.  Transparent colors, and layers are added to create visual luminosity and depth. Lastly, hand-directed digital painting is added. The Digigraphs take the finished physical from of a Giclée Print and are not a "copy" or "reproduction" of an original painting or drawing etc. Each Digigraph is considered an "original print" similar to Fine Art traditional printmaking. I produce my own Digigraphy Prints at the Morton Arts Studio on our Epson Professional printer on Fine Art Media such as Paper or Canvas.  I have 14 years of experience working with Epson Professional Media.

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